The National Research Council had a problem. Many of Canada's top science graduates were being hired directly out of school by the high tech sector with packages the NRC could never hope to compete with. The solution we came up with was to offer them something high tech sector never could, the opportinity to work on some of life's big questions. Do computers dream? How far is the beginning of time? How long until machines build themselves?

The creative we came up with was geared towards a young inquisitive audience. University libraries were supplied with bookmarks, entire walls of campuses were wallpapered with posters, ads ran in the campus papers, all driving traffic back to the landing pages on the NRC site. The posters disappaered faster than they could be replaced, traffic to the landing page was brisk and the job applications started to roll in.

Client: National Research Council Canada
Roles: Graphic, digital and environmental
Products: Posters,landing pages, postacrds, bookmarks, print and online advertising.