Scott has been working with the Canada Science and Technology Museum for close to a decade. In that time Scott has been responsible for the development and integration of the museums design and brand assets. He has created and maintained a consistent visual identity across a wide array of products including websites, marketing collateral, print and online advertising, billboards, trade show displays and way finding systems. This has entailed management of various marketing streams geared specifically towards the general public, schools and curriculum planners, event planners and philanthropists.

Scott has also been called on from time to time to create integrated campaigns for specific exhibitions that the museum has curated or is hosting. These campaigns have included websites, landing pages, posters, flyers, invitations, print and online advertising as well as billboards.

Client: Canada Science and Technology Museum Corporation
Roles: Graphic, digital and environmental design
Products: website, annual reports, publications sytems, marketing collateral, wayfinding systems, exhibition design, billboards, advertising and posters.